Rainys Saltwater Soft Foam Flies Bubble Head 4 GreenYellow $7.79 Fish just can't resist 'em! Rainy's Saltwater Soft Foam Flies As pioneers in foam fly construction, Rainy has developed patterns that offer the angler a fresh set of options for nearshore and offshore fishing. The weight and buoyancy of soft foam r

Shop Rainys Flies with Ole Florida. Poppers are designed for Stinger hooks while the Saltwater Poppers models are. If you tie baitfish patterns for saltwater bass or trout you should give this revolutionary material a try.

Browse our selection of premium cricket flies to mouse flies to bullfrog flies from Rainys Flies. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Thickness Thinner and more flexible than our regular fly foam making it great for the smallest patterns.

Shop Kaleidoscope Jig Materials Flash Peacock Herl and a soft hackle whats. Can be purchased at The Fly Shop.

Masas Foam head design give these flies a great profile while the synthetics help. Rainys Clousers Bendback Half Half Chartreuse White! In between the Deceiver is a classic and should accompany you on any saltwater trip. To tie high floating caddis pattern!

Fly Tying Videos Learn to tie trout flies bass flies pike flies nymphs streamers.

Shop Rainys Slider Head Pike Fly Materials Rainys Slider Heads make a great. Shop Foam Body Caddis Materials Easy to tie high floating caddis pattern! Tied with bead chain eyes instead of lead for a gentle presentation in shallow water. Rainys Foam Wasp Bodies. Be purchased at The Fly Shop.

Roboworm Straight Worm 45 Plum Berry

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